Hello readers, my name is Dennis Kegan and I am a member of St. Gabriels Catholic Parish in Wisconsin. I am new to the internet and not always the most tech savvy person, but I have decided that I want to start tracking how I got to the point I am at in my life.

I am a 68 year old man who has taken far too long to learn how to put God first and myself second.  I am creating this blog as a result of the conversation that I had with the priest at St. Gabriels. Father had suggested that I help track my journey and try to help other people discover themselves.

Choosing the Website

I chose the website domain because I purchased it from a website auction tool one of the younger churchgoers recommended. He had helped me set up the domain as well as install the wordpress.org typewrite application.  When I was browsing different domain names, I came across several that had my name in the www. box, but this one really stuck with me because it wasn’t about football or cartoons. This url was about how I put myself first, how I took the center stage.

Center Stage Dennis

My name is Dennis Kegan, I am a carpenter and handyman just like my father before me. I have worked on commercial as well as residential properties to both teardown and rebuild different rooms or walls. Going into the trade, I followed my father’s footsteps and haven’t looked back once. I wish to write about some of the work that I have done for some of the residential properties that I like.

I chose this domain because there are times in my life where I had to focus on myself and my wife.  I chose this domain because I was able to find myself through the work that I did at my job and for others in my community.

My Blog Theme

These projects will vary, and I cannot see where they will take me but I can say that they will start with painting. Painting is the world’s easiest task, and can immediately brighten a room and a person’s mood.

Stay tuned while I find out how to post about painting.

Stay tuned while I continue to post about other topics that helped me become who I am.